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The draft happens once a season, on the Thursday 9 days after the Super Bowl (game day #21). The new players appear on the draft list on 1st Sunday. The last place team has the first pick, the first place team has the 32nd pick. Since we draft players in 3 rounds per draft day the last place team of last year also has the 33rd and the 65th pick, and the 1st of last year has the 64th and the 96th pick. Drafted players are much more skilled and experienced than regular youth pulls. Drafted player’s wages are not calculated on skills, until the contract period (shown in the player details) is over. This should give all teams a fair chance to get the new star in the draft! Each owner needs to set the pick order, by moving the players listed On the Draft Board up and down. This can be done in different ways:
  • Via mouse by clicking one player, holding the mouse button, and dragging him to the new position in the list, releasing the mouse button there will save the new order.
  • Via the small buttons you see in each row
    • - move that player to the top of the list
    • - move that player one position up
    • - move that player one position down
    • - move that player to the bottom of the list
  • If you left click on a player row that row will be selected (you'll see it graphically highlighted). When a row is selected you can do the following:
    • Move that entry up one row, pressing the cursor up key or the U key
    • Move that entry down one row, pressing the cursor down key or the D key
    • Move that entry to the top of the list pressing the Page Up key or the T key
    • Move that entry to the bottom of the list pressing the Page Down key or the B key
    • Left-clicking the selected row again will uns e l e c t it. Alternatively you can press the Escape key to uns e l e c t the selected row
  • There is a text field per row displaying the current position on the list. Additionally you can change the number in that text field to any number you want (between 1 and 96 - reflecting the position on the list). If you have changed the number in the text field you will have to press the Enter key to apply the change. If you just leave the input field the old value will be restored and nothing happens (in cases you accidentally changed a number you didn't want to).
  • There is a small square on the left outer side of each line. If you click on it, you can lock/unlock this players position in the list. This helps when you sort players up and down by using the mouse. However, the lock feature works only for this drag&drop. If you resort the player list by the various buttons above the list, the lock function has no effect!

Bot teams participate in the draft too, but the drafted players will by fired immediately after the draft is over. There is a good chance for such players to enter the transfer market. If they do so, the wage stable period will be removed - which means the team that buys such a player has to pay full wages starting from next season after the team bought him.

Supporters can add remarks per player, and they can download CSV files containing players, remarks, rating, position, age, skills and dedicated draft round. As always, the accuracy of the scouting reports in the CSV file with respect to the skills depends on the level of your scout.

You may scout the player, by entering the players details, and using the Scout option. Such Draft-players scout report are free of costs and not limited as regular scout reports.

It is possible to add a dedicated "draft round" for each player on the board. On each draft round the engine uses those "dedicated players" first. If no "dedicated player" is available during a certain round, the engine picks ordered but without taking dedicated draft round settings into account.

You have player A B C D E F on the board

You want 1 out of A B, in round 1, one out of C D in round 2

Sort the players as shown here:

E any round
F any round
C round 2
D round 2
A round 1
B round 1

The engine goes and checks for "1st round", if this doesn't work it checks overall, from top to bottom. So it would try to pick

A, B, E, F, C, D, A, B

The engine goes and checks for the 2nd round, it would check

C, D, E, F, C, D, A, B

The 3rd round pick is

E, F, C, D, A, B