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Coaches are the drivers for your Team's success.

Here in we have a Head coach (HC), and several Assistant coaches (AC). Assistant coaches are dedicated to a position group like Quarterback or Offensive Linemen, while the HC takes care of the whole Coaching business.

What happens if I refuse to use these Coaches?

Your team will perform worse during games, compared to a team that has Coaches. Yes, you might save some money. But you will also miss training progress for the regular training.

How do I get Coaches?

There is a Coaches market in the Team menu. Just click on the name of the Coach you would like to have in your staff team. You will see how many Credits a Coach costs. Coaches with CP below or equal to 70 cost 1 Credit, until 90 CP they cost 2 Credits, and above 90 they cost 3 Credits. Before you can hire ACs, you have to hire an HC first. Be careful, you can never hire ACs better than your HC - the quality of Coaches is measured in Coaching points (CP). You can hire a coach directly. The Transfer market is closed each season from day 47 until the season-rollover was finished. The rules for hiring on a coach are similar to hiring on a player, with some exceptions:
1.) You can't bid on ACs without having a HC!
2.) You can't bid on ACs having more CP than your HC!
3.) You can't bid on an AC for a position, if you currently have a bid on another coach for the same position!
4.) You can't bid on ACs if the sum of all ACs already hired and those you bid on is higher than all available CPs (the HC's CPs do not count into this sum)!

Coaching points (CP)

A Coach can have from 51 up to 100 Coaching points. The more CP a coach has, the better he is. Be careful: more CP means higher weekly wages for your coach. A team can hire ACs for a maximum of 550 CP. This means, you can't have CP 100 coaches for each position. Much more you have to choose a path for your team, and you have to hire the coaches that will bring your team forward to win the trophy. For every AC hired, the remaining CPs are split equally to all positions without an AC.

Coaches' consistency

Each coach has consistency. Consistency is measured from one half to 5 in half star steps, where 1 half star means really inconsistent, and 5 means he is really consistent in making decisions. A coach with a half star of consistency can perform up to 10% worse or better than what his CP is. So consistency is like daily form of your coach. Please notice: This factor out of consistency is active for each single event the coach is joining.

Coaches' experience

Each coach has Experience, and experience grows (very slowly) when playing regular games with your coach. In this context: each game that provides ticket income is considered to be a regular game. Experience is one factor to determine the weekly wages of your coach. Please notice: This factor out of experience is active for each single event the coach is joining.
Your coaches will raise their experience every time your team is playing a game.

1.) Coaches earn Experience when they are involved in games. The coaches earn the same amount of Experience, regardless of the type of game. Exceptions: Games played by spending Credits (Friendly Cup, Friendlies on Mo/We/Su).

2.) There is no difference between HC and ACs, and positions don't matter in this case

3.) The formula:

New Exp = ((50 - Old Exp) / 100 * 0.5) + Old Exp

This means a Coach earns half a percent of the difference from 50 to his current experience value. Keep in mind, the experience is represented in stars, where each half star represents 5.0 Experience in the database. The maximum amount of experience in the database can be 50, based on this information.

Coaches' age

A Coach will enter the game between the ages of 35 and 50, and he will think about retiring when he is 60 or older. He celebrates his birthday on the season rollover.

Coaches affect the training

Each AC affects the training of those players he is responsible for coaching (defined by the players' position!). Of course this only valid for skills the player is using on his position. You do not need to know exactly how the training is calculated, but in case you are curious, the formula is as follows:

There is an AC coach:
This means that CP > 50 and the value used for AC-CP-Formula = CP - 40
Example: AC has 70 CP. For the training calculation, 30 CP will be used in the calculations.

There is no AC coach:
CP <= 50 and this means the value for AC-CP-Formula = 1

Fitness points = Fitness training percentage out of ((random 25:40 + Teamwork + AC-CP-Formula)/2) / 100

Skill points = The percentage out of (random 25:40 + Teamwork + AC-CP-Formula)/2 / 100

Keep in mind there are variations based on the Experience and Consistency of the coach and his CP!

Coaches affect the game play

In the Front office menu there is a new item "Coaches". There you see bars for each Coach slot. If you add an AC, all slots of not hired coaches get a minus - the maximum for all CP is 550 and can't go above that!

In the engine, a coach you hired makes your players do better, of course he affects only those positions he is in charge of.

A not hired coach slot makes your players perform worse.

The math:
factor=((AC CP + 45 + 1000) / 1100) + (rand(-50,50) / 10000)
This will result in something like +-5%, if the player is playing his position, on the skills the AC is affecting.

This is active for all games your team plays, even if there is no ticket income from it.

Keep in mind the factors for Experience and Consistency of the coach! The overall bonus or minus from having an AC can't be more than around 10% of the previous player-skill-calculation.

What happens if I fire my HC?

If you fire your HC, all ACs will stay, but the bonus on those positions is not active until you hire a new HC. The minus as a result of not hired ACs is still active.

What happens if I fired my HC, and hire a new HC with less CP than the old one?

All ACs will become active again, but are limited to the CP level of the new HC! The minus as a result of not hired ACs is still at the level it was with the old HC.

Can I hire another AC for a position where I already have an AC?

Yes, this is possible; the Coach market restrictions apply. If you win the auction, your old Coach in that position gets fired to make room for the new one.

Can I fire Coaches?

Yes, of course. Replacing/Firing a coach results in 5 weekly wages penalty, too - except the coach plans to retire. You are not allowed to fire a coach within a period of 45 minutes before a games kickoff, and 15 minutes after the end of a game of your team.

What happens if I replace Coaches?

Replacing not retiring Coaches lowers the morale and Team chemistry of the involved players.

Players having less than 40% Morale will get a 5% hit.
Players having less than 80% Morale but more than or equal to 40% Morale will get a 10% hit.
Players having more than or equal to 80% Morale will get a 20% hit.

Players having less than 40% TC will get a 5% hit.
Players having less than 80% TC but more than or equal to 40% TC will get a 10% hit.
Players having more than or equal to 80% TC will get a 20% hit.

How are the factors for Consistency and Experience calculated?

As mentioned earlier, the consistency and experience of the coaches play a role in the calculations. In general, the higher they are the better. You do not need to know exactly how the calculations work. However, if you are curious, the formula is as follows:
EXP = Coaches Experience (each full star represents 10 points here, 3 star Experience = EXP 30)
CON = Coaches Consistency (each full star represents 10 points here, 3 star Consistency = CON 30)
rand = Random Number Generator

Exp-Factor = 1 + ((EXP - 40 ) / 100 / 2)
rand_con=1 + (rand(0 - (55-CON),(55-CON)) / 100 / 5)
EXP-CON-factor=Exp-Factor * rand_con
Final-CP = CP * EXP-CON-factor

The calculation is done once per event. This means, if a coach gets a bonus based on consistency, the actual CP used will be the same for the complete training of all players, or for a complete game. There are no recalculations based on consistency during the same event. These factors are valid for each single event a coach is joining, Training and gameplay.