Users are allowed to have more than 1 team! : However, if there is any obvious cheating, we will delete all teams involved. Obvious cheating could be creating teams for getting referal Credits, or creating more than 1 team in the same league/region and lose on purpose to strengthen or weaken another owned teams schedule.

Third party copyrights and trademarks : You are not allowed to use trademarks as names for your club, since this would be a breach of existing law.

The forum language is english except on language dedicated forums, and it is not allowed to attack users due the lack of english knowledge.

There is no place for any things related to racism, politics, sex, porn or any other adult stuff. We do not accept any attacking or offending stuff inside the community.

There is no place for any referal links, inline content like images or scripts, applets or any other content linked to external pages except the link mechanims is provided by the forum. Linking to external stuff does not mean the provider of this page is sharing opinions or related things from those external pages.

It is not allowed to make any messages public inside the provided forums you received from game administration except you have permission to do so.

Attacking of other managers and the administration of the game will not be tolerated in the forum. Any complaints can be addressed to the administrators through private messaging. Failure to follow this policy can result in a penalty, including permanent banning for repeat offenses.

It is not allowed to post skills of players or content from scout reports in the forums.

It is not allowed to spam via private messages or forum posts.

Users have to follow instructions given by game administration or forum moderators.

Depending on the way of breaking the rules users will get banned for a certain period of time, or permanent. If a ban is permanent the user will lose his team.

Credits: Users may buy credits at their discretion however there are no refunds even upon permanent ban, all sales are final and non-refundable.

Supporter account: Users may purchase a Supporter account at their discretion. The purchase of a supporter account is final and non refundable with no exceptions, including permanent banning of a team.