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2016-10-16 15:52

The season is here, and withit some quite radical changes.

We spent quite some time in transfering the latest engine from RedZoneAction to RedZoneClash. It is more than 2 years ago we did this last time, and so the engine version jumps from 3.91 to 4.14. Major changes are about lots of bugfixes in the gameplay, a much better handling of some formation imbalances, a much better check for playing players outside their natural positional group (like playing QB at LB...), and the "lopsided tactics detection". In the past this one was based on formations only, now it takes much more variables into account. And, you get a feeling for it, since there are descriptions of its findings available, the so called "Offensive Coordinators playcalling analyses" in the match stats. There your will find some more information as well, like the playbook coverage detector which helps you to find holes in your playbooks. And finally, there is the so called Coaches Karma display. Please notice "Karma" is a display only, it does nothing else than analysing the outcome of your Offense playbook after a game was played, and therefore analyses if your playbook basically works, or if your make it too easy for your opposite defensive coordinator to guess what your offense coordinator was calling during gametime.

You can find some more information in the manual as well.

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