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2016-06-25 14:21

Dear RedZoneClashers,

Today, we had to block 18 (!) teams from our little Football universe. The managers of these teams were throwing away league games in a very aggressive way, just to control a complete league. League Bronco therefore was no fun for the rest of the managers in this league.

Now, the rules we have allow you to carry more than one team, for good reason. But of course every manager can expect fair play. Throwing away games between the teams a single manager owns by odd tactics is not what we call fair play. The managers in question might mention "there is no rule forcing me to play fair". Right, but there is no rule written down to breathe several times per minute, and we still do it because it is OBVIOUS!

Enjoy the day


u p d a t e 2016-06-28:

Another 7 teams got blocked, from Crimson Tide league.

u p d a t e #2 2016-06-28:

Another 16 teams got blocked, from several leagues.

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