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2013-08-08 17:59

You are short of Credits? You need to hire Coaches, or want to create some few key-players and don't like to spend money?

We have a solution!

As in every other part of life, it is quite important to make advertisements, to be present! It is similar for The Difference? We do not need to make advertisement for commercial gain, or image or, we need to make advertisement since the game is a young baby, not well known - and without advertisement we will not have any chance to fill our leagues. But having leagues full of managers is the key for having fun here in this world, and we provide you for having fun, for having a chance to relax on playing a game.

We could spent money on advertising, and we do it already. At the moment we spend a few bucks for Ads on Google, as example.

Another way for spreading the word about is to find followers on our pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

But there is another option, which is completely for free. A folk from Slovakia is running a webpage called We have our own Fan-Page overthere. Our rating is at 72.89% at the moment, which keeps us in their global Top 10, and this is great. But we could use some more votes, just to grow the number of votes, and therefore to secure our position - or even to raise it.

So how about going to that Fan-Page, click on "Best" (we hope you can do that without having any doubts), and then click on "Play". The last click will redirect you to this page here again.

If you make it to raise our Rating percentage to at least 80% by the end of this week (Sunday afternoon at 7 pm server time), we will send 10 Credits to each of you! For each additional 1 percent above these goal of 80, we add another 1 Credit to our offer! So go, vote, and most important: Maybe you know some guys who could support you on your voting mission: tell them about this "Cry for a little help" ;).

Now it is on you!

u p d a t e (2013-08-12)

Too bad, but we missed the goal. However, we made good progress. 78.63% is the rating now, and we think you earned a bonus for that. 10 Credits are on the way the each of you. You can get another 10, if we hit the goal of having a rating of 80+ by next Sunday, 7pm server time.

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