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2013-08-04 11:54

Hello all,

last night we filled our draft board for the very first time. We think it could be helpful if we describe the functionality right now. But of course, you can find all these information in the manual too.

On top of the Draft board you can download the whole details of all players that are available in your leagues draft board - if you own a supporter account. The files contain really all information, including available traits, and skills like Talent.

What to do if you don't own a Supporter? Easy answer: you have to scout each player manually. Hint: these draft scout reports do not count for your weekly limits.

On the draft board itself you will see all the 96 players available to your league. You can easily sort them by using your mouse, the draft board supports drag&drop. Above the players list there are a few buttons, you could use them to sort your players very fast - this is whe we call them Quicksort-buttons. Ratings desc/asc sorts your players by the Players positional rating. Desc means the highest Rating is on top, while asc means the highest rated player is on the bottom. The Position desc/asc button works similar, but sorts on the criteria Position. You can guess now how Age works, right?

O-D-S means sort all Offense players first, put the Defense player behind, and the Special team players on the bottom. The other 3 buttons provide different ways of sorting.

You can lock/unlock different players. This won't affect the sorting by the Quicksort-buttons, Quicksorts ignore the locks. If a player is locked or not you can see by the small lock-icon in front of each player.

Next to the lock-icon there is a cross showing, this is the Drag&Drop handler. Use your mouse to sort players by left click on this cross, keep the mouse button down, and move the player to the desired position. Lift the mouse button, and the player will "jump" to his new position in the list.

There is a small field showing the actual number in the board. You can enter the new position of this player, just put in the number you would like to assign to this player. The player will switch positions with the player listed on his target number.

The 4 arrows allow you to sort players to the top, one position up, one position down and to the bottom.

The player name is followed by the position of the player. The stars represent the positional rating of the players position. Next to the stars you see the age of the player.

The Details button will bring you to the players detail page. There you can see all the detailled skills, as example.

There is a remark field. Like the name tells, you can add small comments here for each player. The Save button stores the information in the database. Adding remarks is limited to Support account holders.

The "round"-marker is a bit special, this is why we will ignore it here, you can find examples for the use inside the manual.

Keep in mind, we run a real 3 days draft. This means, we will process the 1st pick of each team on day 1, the 2nd pick of each team on the 2nd day, and the 3rd pick on day 3. Between these draft rounds you have plenty of time to rearrange your draft board, maybe based on the outcome of the already processed draft days.

The worst team in the league will have picks number 1, 33 and 65, the Super Bowl winner will pick on spot 32, 64 and 96. Of course the teams are picking based on the ranking of the past season.

When a draft player is joining your team, you will find a "rename" link in your pinboard. This will allow you to send him to your local immigration office, he will get a new name, and a passport there.

We hope you enjoy the work with the draft board - good luck for your very first draft!

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