What do I support, and why should I support the game?

The act of Supporting the (RZC) Game (whether for a short, medium or long-term) isn't solely about money. We really do appreciate your decision to support the game as it indicates to us that our efforts to steadily enhance and improve the game, and to move the game in the right direction, are also shared by yourselves.

Obviously there is a great deal of satisfaction for us to be gained if we have a loyal and satisfied supporter base; it tells us that we are moving in the right direction, although we don't intend resting on our laurels.

I'm sure you are all aware that this is a spare-time project, albeit a spare-time project that is starting to become quite sizeable. However, the nature of a project such as this means that we have a modest but increasing financial cost-base. Monthly costs include those related to the Server (Hosting, Storage etc), external software and other assorted services. Without covering these costs, we would be unable to provide the RZC game.

Aside from the Supporter Account, there are other more indirect ways that you can help us at RZC. One example is page advertisements. If you click the Ad, RZC will receive a very small financial reward.

There are several totally free methods of assisting us at RZC; basically by making RZC known to a wider audience. You could follow us on Twitter, Google+ and/or Facebook; to do this just click on the fan-page links at the bottom of the page.

In addition to Social Networks, it would be great if you could mention RZC in any online (or offline) activities that you enjoy e.g. maybe you have a Blog, maybe you play online games or are a member of various forums. If so, please mention us as this could help bring new managers to RZC. If you used a referral link, you would also help yourself at the same time.

Last but not least, some Rating Sites have links to RZC. Obviously, the higher rated we are, the more inquisitive visitors we receive, and these are all potential new managers for RZC. Ways that you could help us on the rating sites include voting for RZC, and also writing comments/opinions at the ratings sites regarding your RZC experience.

Whichever actions you take to help us, however large or small, we truly appreciate your efforts and your support. The most direct way to support RZC is purchasing a so called Supporter Account. Details can be found below.

Thank you very much and Best Regards,

Pete & Co.

What do supporters get?
  • No direct advantages in matches!
  • Salary estimation per player
  • Roster download to CSV or PDF
  • 50 friends online in list instead 10
  • Upload the team badge to show it on clubs homepage
  • Upload an avatar to show it on your forum posts
  • A detailed weekly training and injury report
  • The Challenge Pool Scheduler works for Fridays (free of charge friendlies) too
  • Up to 10 different setups of the Depth Chart instead only 1
  • Up to 50 history entries for the forum history, not only 10
  • Up to 10 different profiles for game settings, not only the default game settings
  • Up to 10 different profiles for training settings, not only 2
  • Bulk game settings: Store Game settings from profiles to more than one game by on click
  • Alert messages if players enter the transfer market, based on given profiles
  • Alert messages if players or coaches plan to retire, or retire finally
  • Download the list of players to draft to Excel (CSV) including their scout reports
  • You could add notices to each of your players like "my future QB, no sell!" or "get rid of him soon"
  • Add remarks per player on the Draft board
  • 50 events viewable in team history instead 10
  • 50 messages in inbox, sent folder and team box instead 10 each
  • Enhanced inactivity timeout period of 28 days instead 21 or 7 for non supporters
  • Bot block feature to prevent your team from going "computer controlled" during long absence...
  • Access top 100 lists for forum posters, salaries and more instead only top 10
  • Instant access to your own teams match results via RSS newsfeed
  • The website is free from commercial ads except when they are needed for the game play
  • Add own appointments to the Team Calendar
  • Gamecenter Premium access instead Gamecenter Standard. You see the movement of the egg and the plays on the grid as they were live by having a refresh rate of 10 seconds instead 60 seconds
  • On Login all match results and league tables could be hidden based on your settings. You can enter the matches page and start watching your games "As Live". A Show/Hide Function is available via the bar in the bottom
  • You will get a small amount of Credits when purchasing the Supporter Account
  • Compare your players in the Player comparison tool
What does the supporter feature cost?
There are several supporter packages available:
  • 12 months package, 19.95 EUR, this includes 100 Credits
  • 3 months package, 7.95 EUR, this includes 25 Credits
  • 1 months package, 2.95 EUR, this doesn't include any Credits
How can I get it?
You can purchase the supporter package by using paypal or you can turn some Credits into a Supporter package.
You can purchase gift certificates for Here is how this works:

You enter, and purchase gift certificates via email. You have to put in the value of the certificate, and here you enter the amount in Euro for the items you would like to purchase. In the comments box you enter your nickname, and the item(s) you would like to purchase. You have to use as email address. In the To-field you have to enter Peter Stimpel.

Now there is only one issue, the exchange rate from your local currency to euro. And this is a real problem, because it changes from one day to the other. This is why I ask you to contact me in advance, and I will tell you the current exchange rate.

There is another benefit of this way: we don't have to pay any Paypal fees, and this is why we offer a 5% discount when using this payment method!

Please notice: It is absolutely important to do the purchase of those Gift certificates on the german page, I won't accept any certificates from other countries Amazon pages.