Frequently asked questions


What is the weekly schedule?

One week in real life is equal to three weeks in

The planned schedule is
  • Sunday, Wednesday, Friday: training (4:30 am)
  • Friday: Free weekly friendly games, Champ of Champs Cup
  • Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday: regular league games or free friendly games during the playoffs
  • Daily: Challenge pool scheduler processing 11:30 pm
  • Daily: Transfer Market Agent running
  • Daily: injury recovery and morale recovery / positional rating recalculation at 5:00 am
  • Daily: closed-stats friendly games, except Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, and if Regular cup matches are scheduled
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3:00 am after Superbowl game day of each season: Draft day and Player to Team transfer
  • Sunday at 3:00 am after 1st game day of each season: Draft creating
All times are GMT/UTC!