Frequently asked questions


I am new to the game, what should my first steps be?

Hello and Welcome. is a simulation game. Here are some tips to follow:Before you can do anything here you have to register for a team. Please read How to register a team? for more information.
  • Finish your manager license, this creates some Credits, and guides you through the most important parts of the game.
  • Sort your roster. The positions of your starting team are assigned randomly - but with a certain degree of being OK. You need to match the skills of the players to the position which is best suited for them. A short description of needed skills per position is available in the manual.
  • Once player positions have been re-assigned, create a depth chart.
  • When you first start up, your team has a basic playbook. However, you may want to create your own playbook, but this may be challenging at first. It will be required as you progress, but it is not a necessity at the beggining.
  • Now, you are ready to set your match orders for your first game!
Remember, you are not on your own! The manual and the forum are your best friends if you need help. Don't forget this!