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Since a majority of our users is based in the USA, and this game is about the American Football game, it is an usual thing for to celebrate this day.

What is the meaning of Independence Day?
Between 1765 and 1783, the American Revolution took place after a group of Englishmen traveled to America and formed the Thirteen Colonies. These settlers desired to be free from British rule, rejecting Parliament's policies such as taxation without elected representation. During this time period, the colonists put together a group of delegates from each colony, collectively known as the Continental Congress. The meeting of the Second Continental Congress began in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775.
During the meeting of the Second Continental Congress, Richard Henry Lee, a delegate from Virginia, proposed the colonies should declare themselves independent from Great Britain. After Lee's motion was approved, the Committee of Five drafted what would become the Declaration of Independence. The members of this Committee of Five were John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. After some discussion and debate, revisions to the document were made, and the final draft was approved on July 4, 1776. This date eventually became known as Independence Day and is celebrated across the United States of America every year. Celebrations often include fireworks, parades and cookouts. Decorations and even clothing and accessories worn on Independence Day often incorporate the colors of the American flag — red, white and blue.

So, happy Independence Day, dear US-citizens!
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Congrats, we are proud of our managers. 110 USD sent to Equality Now, a NGO fighting against domestic violence. Violence as committed by some NFL relatives like Ray Rice...

#Violence #Abuse #NFL...more
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Read more about the latest changes in our award winning game simulation engine....more
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Please doublecheck your Salaries, some of the managers are exceeding the cap. Probably you dislike the action taken by the League Authority......more
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This is from our sistergame

We do not know how others feel about Jack6' posts, but have enjoyed his writing, and his guidance through the season. We would like to say Thank You, Jack6. We appreciate your contribution! Cheers! ...more
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