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posted: 2013-08-14 20:56:46 (ID: 611) Report Abuse
gotta love taking over an 0-3 team and bringing them to 2-3
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posted: 2013-08-16 19:50:38 (ID: 619) Report Abuse
WarHand420 wrote:
gotta love taking over an 0-3 team and bringing them to 2-3

Shame I made your record 2-4 the day after :-)
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posted: 2013-08-18 21:53:03 (ID: 621) Report Abuse
Hey guys, would you join a Friendly Cup of 8 participants between Crimson Tide and another region?

I was thinking 16, but I'm too stingy to pay 50 credits for a cup that I probably won't be winning
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posted: 2013-08-19 18:43:59 (ID: 622) Report Abuse
Hi Guys,

Bova's back from his Hols and has noticed we have a full house and a few changes as well. Well welcome one and all, join the fun and comment or introduce yourself, all contributions to the forum are gladly welcome.

Bova's Week 8 Predictions

Jellyfish over Stars
Phalanx over D Bulls
Guardians over Falcons
Nannies over Wizards
Riviera over Priors
C Bulls over Idros
Machine over Lions
Red Wings over Center
Crushers over Lighters
Hippies over S Spartans
Packers over Gators
Redbirds over Mathiiws
Noname09 over Wanderers

Previous weeks tallys took a bit of working out with the changes in the league

Week 4 7-7 .500
Week 5 11-3 .785
Week 6 12-2 .857
Week 7 12-2 .857
Running Total 81-23 .779
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posted: 2013-08-21 16:34:55 (ID: 624) Report Abuse

Bova's Week 9 Predictions

Crushers over Beachers
mathiiws over Wanderers
Priors over C Bulls
Hippies over Falcons
Idros over B Spartans
Nannies over Lighters
Lions over Center
Jellyfish over Machine
Cardpitt over S Spartans
Riviera over D Bulls
Wildcats over Redbirds
Guardians over Warriors
Wizards over bruisers

Week 8 Tally 9-4 .692
Running Total 90-27 .769
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posted: 2013-08-23 04:30:49 (ID: 625) Report Abuse
I think that its well known which teams will be at the PO now that we got to first part of the season. It's true that there are a few divisions that aren't very clear at the moment, but man, the top teams of pretty much every division seem freaking badass. I think I will be able to participate til' Divisional PO, but I doubt I will get more than that, sadly.


Fort Wayne Wizards
Catford Wildcats
London Silly Nannies
Salem Crushers
Solana Beach Jellyfish
Bavarian Stars
Idrosburghi Verona

And you guys didn't answer my question about the friendly cup. Seriously? There isn't anybody interested? C'mon guys, I know you wanna spend credits play

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posted: 2013-08-23 10:59:51 (ID: 626) Report Abuse
Friendly cup lets go
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posted: 2013-08-23 19:26:04 (ID: 628) Report Abuse
Bova's Week 10 predictions

Cardpitt over B Spartans
Center over Wizards
C Bulls over Redbirds
Kings over Warriors
Red Wings over Wilcats
S Spartans over D Bulls
bruisers over Falcons
Nannies over gators
Phalanx over Packers
Crushers over Hippies
Jellyfish over Beachers
Priors over Guardians
Stars over mathiiws
Idros over noname

Week 9 Tally 7-6 .538
Running Total 97-33 .746
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posted: 2013-08-26 13:39:51 (ID: 634) Report Abuse
Bova's Week 11 Predictions

B Spartans over Demons
Wildcats over Beachers
Phalanx over Cardpitt
C Bulls over Wizards
Machine over Falcons
Jellyfish over Devils
Priors over Lighters
Red Wings over noname
Packers over S Spartans
Guardians over Redbirds
Stars over Warriors
Idros over bruisers
Wanderers over gators
Kings over mathiiws
Nannies over ravens
Riviera over Crushers

Week 10 Tally
Bova 9-5 .643 (106-38 .736)
Mayhem 10-3 .769 (22-13 .629)
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posted: 2013-08-27 13:50:25 (ID: 637) Report Abuse
I'm having a terrible season. Not sure what's messed up most, whether it's lack of player experience or if it's a tactics thing.

Thankfully I've got an easy run-in, apart from two games I'm destined to lose as they're both against the Number 1 rated team.

Last edited on 2013-08-27 13:51:49 by mrrich

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